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3 Fun New Approaches for Hydration

Friday, September 16th, 2016


Good hydration is a key part of every athlete’s training and competition plan. But even something as basic as hydration can get a contemporary tweak! Here are three new ideas I came across this week:

Tracking Teen Water Intake - At Greater Atlanta Christian School in Georgia, the Spartans Strength Program has developed a metrics program that started out with a focus on hydration. They set a hydration goal for each athlete based on 0.5 ounces of water per pound of body weight plus an additional 18-24 ounces/day for athletes in-season, training more than 2 hours/day, or who are heavy sweaters. This total was then divided into a set number of 16 ounce water bottles. Student athletes charted how many water bottles they consumed each day and compared their intake to the goal. Initial results showed an average of only 3.25 bottles per day. By the third month of the program, the average was up to 7.75 bottles per day, which met or exceeded the recommendation for most athletes. This simple method of measuring by counting the number of water bottles consumed led to improved hydration and the athletes reported feeling better.

Alternative Sports Drink – For athletes who are active for more than an hour, electrolyte replacement may be indicated, but not everyone likes to use commercial sports drinks or gels. This month’s Prevention magazine featured a recipe for a homemade sports drink created by Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, an internationally recognized expert in integrative medicine. For her Coconut-Citrus Rehydrating Drink she uses coconut water, which is high in potassium, as the base for her drink. For 2 cups of coconut water she adds the juice of one lemon, lime or orange, 1/8 tsp. salt, and 1-2 tbsp. natural sweetener such as honey. Sounds refreshingly delicious!

Science Fiction Meets Hydration – At La Jolla Country Day School in San Diego, students experimented with using drones for hydration delivery. Students in the Design, Thinking, Engineering, and Innovation class were looking for a solution for athletes who don’t have enough time between plays to run off the field to get a drink. The “Hydrone” consists of a drone + a water bottle + a dangling hose with a flow control clip. Future versions are expected to be able to serve more than one athlete. And the students who developed this are even working on an automated system so that a thirsty athlete can call the drone as needed! I can’t wait to see the future of this clever idea!

What are your best hydration ideas? Share them on Facebook.

© 2016 Kathleen Searles, MS, RDN, CSSD, LDN

A Tour of Tropical Tastes

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

I took a funky little tour of Key West last week that included some new tropical fruit taste sensations.  I was enjoying a croissant and fresh squeezed orange juice at my favorite breakfast spot, Croissants de France, when I struck up a conversation with a man at the next table.  Turns out he was Lloyd Mager, owner of Lloyd’s Tropical Bike Tour.  Before breakfast was over my husband and I had signed on to follow Lloyd on his tour to lesser known corners of Key West with frequent stops to taste local tropical fruit specialties. 

My absolute favorite was the “Spiked avocado”.  First Lloyd cut an avocado into wedges and handed us each one.  Next he cut a lime and squeezed liberal amounts of lime juice on our avocado slice.  Last he topped each slice with a generous sprinkle of, Spike an herb, spice and vegetable seasoning.  We ate this concoction right out of the peel, no utensils needed, and added more lime juice and Spike as we went along.  Can’t wait to make this one for Super Bowl Sunday!

As we biked through the back streets of Old Town and headed toward the beach area, Lloyd made stops to let us sample various lesser known tropical fruits right from the plants! We tried the Barbados cherry, also known as acerola cherry, which is one of the most concentrated sources of Vitamin C.  We sampled the juice of the Carissa plum, which was delightful.  This fruit is best used for jelly or sauce.  Lloyd surreptitiously swiped a  little pomegranate from a tree in someone’s yard.  This pomegranate was smaller than the ones we usually see in the stores and the arils (kernels) had a bigger pit.  It boasted the same wonderful flavor however, and after a few tries I ate the kernels pit and all.  Pomegranates are loaded with anti-oxidants and are a great snack.

The dramatic highlight of the trip, however, was watching Lloyd prepare a coconut for us to share.  First he used his machete to whack off the green outer husk.  Then he created an opening into the coconut itself.  Into this he squeezed the juice from a sour orange.  We took turns drinking this wonderful concoction right from the coconut!  You can watch Lloyd “put the lime in the coconut” in a video on his website.  After we finished drinking the coconut water, Lloyd opened the coconut all the way and we ate chunks of the fresh coconut meat.  Delicious!! (and high fiber too!)

According to his website, one of Lloyd’s favorite tropical fruits is the mango.  Unfortunately, we were not visiting in the right season for mangoes from the tree.  But mangoes are heavily featured in Key West cuisine, and I especially enjoyed a salad of grilled chicken with thin slices of mango, pineapple, apple, orange, and strawberries at Willie T’s. At Blue Heaven there was a great mango salsa with the grilled mahi-mahi I had for lunch…I wanted a bigger portion though!  Another tropical treat was Croissants de France’s banana toffee pancakes…no syrup needed for these fabulous cakes!  Of course, Key West’s most famous tropical treat is their renowned key lime pie, the official pie of the state of Florida.  This pie is made with the juice of key limes, a small, tart variety of  lime.

So if you are suffering from winter blues and cabin fever and having trouble keeping half your plate fruits and vegetables, take a stroll through the produce department.  Fresh citrus is in season now, and yesterday our market had avocados, mangoes, pineapples, and of course bananas.  Perk up your menu while you feast on abundant Vitamin C and anti-oxidants!

© 2011 Kathleen Searles